Picnic at Hanging Rock is a reimagining of Joan Lindsay’s timeless and iconic 1967 novel.  On Valentine’s Day, 1900, a group of schoolgirls from the local College take a day trip to dark and brooding Hanging Rock.  As the sun beats down and the picnic progresses, three girls and their governess go missing in the Australian bush.  


The 6 part TV series, Picnic At Hanging Rock, made by Foxtel and Fremantle Media, explores the days leading up to Valentines Day and the aftermath of the girls' disappearance.  Bethany plays the nemesis of Miranda, Irma and Marion as Blanche Gifford.


The series star's Natalie Dormer and was filmed over a three month period throughout Victoria, Australia.  The TV series is currently showing throughout the world, including on Amazon Prime in the US.