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The Starter Wife is a US MiniSeries by NBC Universal, filmed on the Gold Coast in QLD in 2006/7.    The series centres around Molly Kagan (Debra Messing) and she appears to have it all.  She is married to a Hollywood movie executive, has an adorable daughter (Bethany), belongs to exclusive clubs, and has a mansion in Brentwood.  Then one day, out of the blue, her husband calls asking her a divorce.  Overnight she becomes a Starter Wife.  No longer invited to parties, social calendar empty and shunned by other wives.  Molly sets off to exclusive beachside Malibu Colony to hang out with her friend Joan.  It is here that Molly rediscovers herself.

Bethany, at only six years of age, auditioned for the role of Jaden Kagan, daughter of Molly Kagan.  It was Bethany's very first audition, and she impressed the director and producers so much, they thought she was eight years of age with years of experience.  Little did they know, she had never acted before. 

When the news came through that Bethany had the role, her dad was working in Germany and her mum travelling in China.  It was all a shock, and her Grandma had to fly to the Gold Coast with Bethany to meet the director, Jon Avnet.  The Starter Wife filmed over 5 months and was Bethany's first introduction to working on set, and it was a steep learning curve for a little 6-year-old.

The Stater Wife was well received throughout the world and was nominated for an Emmy Award.  The show starred Debra Messing, Judy Davis, Joe Mantegna and Stephen Moyer.  The role of Jaden was a main cast role, and a great introduction to the world of acting.

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